Requisites List

Requisite List:

Junior Infants  2023-24

Pencil Case (Pouch style)

B4 Extra Durable Mesh Storage Wallet (with zip top)  x2 each ) (Premier Office)

Play Doh x 3 pots each. Different colours

Triangular pencils x 5 each  (Lyra Groove Junior-Blue)

Sharpeners x 2 each

Erasers x 2 each

Twistable crayons x 1 pkt each and 1 pack of Chublet/Chubbies Crayons (Faber-Castell or Premier Stationery)

Pritt Sticks x 3 each (good quality- not 5 STAR brand)

Child’s safety scissors x 1

Whiteboard x 1 (A4 size)

Whiteboard markers x 1 packet (Dry wipe board markers-coloured – Pack of 5)


Senior Infants  2023-24

B4 Extra Durable Mesh Storage Wallet (with zip top)  x 3 each (Premier Office)

Play Doh (x3 pots each) Different colours

Triangular pencils x 2 each (Lyra Groove Junior Blue)

Sharpeners x 1 each

Erasers x 1 each

Chublet/ Chubbies crayons ( x 1 pkt each) Faber-Castell or Premier Stationery

Pritt Sticks x 1 each (good quality-not 5 STAR brand)

Child’s Safety Scissors x 1 each

Whiteboard x1

Whiteboard markers x 1 packets each (Dry wipe board markers-coloured pack)


1st Class  2023-24

2A4 Sized Folders – Zip Envelope Folders

3 pencils, parer, eraser, 2 large glue stick, packet of twistable crayons

Whiteboard and Marker

Display Folder (40 Pages)




2nd Class  2023-24

2 A4 Plastic Folders (with zip)

Pencils, Parers, Erasers, Twistables, Markers, Rulers, 2 large Glue Stick, Tin Whistle in D. 2 x Black Sharpie Markers.  Scissors.  White Board and Whiteboard Markers x 2.

Display Folder (40 pages)


3rd Class  2023-24

2 Plastic Envelope Folders with Zip
2 Large Pritt Sticks
3 White Board Markers
1 Scissors
Pencils, Parers, Erasers

12 inch Ruler

Red and Green Pen
Twistables/ Colouring Pencils

White Board and Whiteboard Markers (Black) x 2.



4th Class  2023-24

Pritt stick, scissors, pencils, 2 red pens, eraser, sharpener, 30cm ruler, highlighter.  Black Sharpie Markers x 2 and Colouring Pencils.

1 x display folder (80 pages)

1 x A4 whiteboard & 2 dry wipe markers.

1 x Zip Folder (A4)

Tin Whistle in D.


5th Class  2023-24

1 x A4 Zip Folder

1 x A4 Pocket Display Books

Pencils, Sharpener, Eraser, 2 x Red Pen, 2 x Blue Pen, 2 x Black Pen.  1 x Highlighter.

Black Sharpie.  Colouring Pencils/Twistables.

Whiteboard and Marker

2 x Pritt Sticks

Long Ruler

Scissors.  Maths Set.  Calculator.


6th Class  2023-24

Mathematical set, 2 Pritt stick, Scissors, pencils, 2 blue pens, 2 red pens, eraser, sharpener, 30cm ruler, colouring pencils, highlighter, Whiteboard and two Whiteboard Markers.

2 A4 zip pocket folders.  Display Folder.  Black Permanent Marker.