Information for Parents


Lunches – Choose a lunch box and beaker that can be easily opened. Please label both. As part of our Health Education Programme we have a Healthy Eating Policy. We encourage children to bring a healthy lunch i.e. sandwich, cheese, fruit, yoghurts, milk or fruit juice.  Nourishing foods are encouraged. Crisps, peanuts, fizzy drinks, junk food and chewing gum, biscuit bars and chocolate bars ARE NOT ALLOWED. For safety reasons glass bottles are forbidden. Small break at 11.00 a.m. is a fruit break.

Note: in order that you know what your child has eaten, each child brings home the remains of their lunch in their lunchbox, including all wrappers.



Pupils are strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in the school. Pupils who infringe this rule will have their phones confiscated. Pupils may bring their phone to school, but class teacher must be made aware that your child has a phone in their bag and  IT MUST BE TURNED OFF from 9.20 am to 3pm when pupils have left the school grounds. We would expect that this would only apply to students in 5th & 6th Class.



Because of our Green Schools initiative which commenced at our school in 2006, we encourage the children to take responsibility for their environment and to be litter conscious. This is a great help in keeping their school tidy. We work towards heightening in them a sense of respect towards the environment. Please try to keep          packaging to a minimum and encourage your child to be litter aware.



The HSE provides medical and dental screening for school going       children usually for Junior Infants and 6th Class. It also provides booster immunisations for childhood diseases to Junior Infant Classes. The local clinic is based in Kilkenny (056-7784600).



It is the policy of the school not to administer any medications to children, unless parents make a request in writing to the Board of Management. The school will be happy to facilitate Parents/Guardians needing to give medication to their child.



If a child has any physical or health problems the Principal should be informed when the child is being enrolled. Should a problem develop the Principal should be told immediately. In this way    appropriate provisions can be put in place.  The above information will be treated with respect and in confidence.



Please notify the school if your child is diagnosed with an Infectious disease.



Head lice are regular visitors in all schools! So check your child’s hair regularly (i.e. at least once a week) for head lice. Please report it to the school so that we can alert others. Lotions and shampoos are readily available from your local pharmacy.



As already stated, regular attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. However, children do, from time to time, get sick.

In accordance with the Educational Welfare Act the school has a duty to report any child who has missed 20 days or more in one academic year. The Principal has no discretion in this matter.

Parents/Guardians are now obliged by law to provide a written explanation (on Aladdin) on their child’s absence to the school.




When the Principal feels that a child is not well enough for school either as a result of becoming sick or an accident the Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately.

This highlights the importance of filling out and keeping the contact form up to date.

In the event of a serious illness/accident an ambulance will be called and the child will be brought to hospital. Again you will need to have signed the permission form for this on enrolment.

Children who are ill at home or showing signs of developing an illness should not be sent to school.

If your child has a particular health problem e.g. eyesight, hearing,  toilet related problem, asthma etc. please inform the school.

If your address or phone number changes please notify the school so we can amend our records.




If your child is too sick to go out to play he/she is too sick to come to school. Exceptions are made in the case of ongoing or chronic illness and limb injuries. Otherwise all children are expected to go out to yard at break times as it is a vital part of social interaction. A written request must be made if a child is sent to school sick and needs to     remain indoors during break times.

We would urge parents not to tell their child that they can ask teacher to ring home if they are not feeling well.

We strongly recommend that parents complete and return the Pupils Personal Accident Insurance form that will be sent home in September.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that every child has ‘Multiple Intelligences’. In order to develop these and discover their strengths, every child needs a chance to be exposed to other educational experiences apart from the purely academic. To this end we endeavour to expose all the children attending Rathoe NS to as many different activities as we can.


These include:

GAA, Football, Soccer, IT, Music, Basketball, Art activities, Trips to  cultural events, Rugby, Drama, Choral activities,  Instrumental Tuition, Chess, Cooking & Baking, Gardening, Quizzes, Science Fair Activities, Math Stations, Paired Reading




We seek to acknowledge all efforts.

With this in mind, every month children are rewarded by their teacher for their efforts to keep the ‘Golden Rules’ , for showing empathy and kindness to others or for trying to improve their overall performance. They are deemed ‘Student of the Month’ and we would ask that you make a ‘song and dance’ of your child on the occasion that they achieve this award.



Our Discipline Policy has at its core 6 Golden Rules. Pupils and staff are all expected to respect these.

They are:

  • I will be gentle – I will not hurt anyone.
  • I will be kind – I will not hurt people’s feelings.
  • I will be honest – I will not hide the truth.
  • I will listen – I will not interrupt.
  • I will respect property – I will not waste or damage things.
  • I will work hard – I will not waste time.




Junior & Senior Infants:                   9.10 am to 1.50 pm

1st to 6th Class:                                 9.10 am to 2.50 pm


Morning Break:                                11.00 am – 11.20 am

Lunch Break:                                    1.00 pm –  1.20 pm



The children are expected to be punctual and to attend school everyday. Good school attendance is crucial to your child’s progress.

It should be noted that your child may not enter the school before 9.00 a.m. Children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians until that time.

We ask that you are on time picking up your child daily. Infant Teachers have other duties to perform and small children’s trust is affected if they are left waiting when every other child has been collected.




Since September 2011 we have run a very successful Full Book Rental Scheme as follows:

The School purchase all the requisites required and there is a flat fee covering all costs of books, art materials, photocopying ,    diaries and music tuition. We have costed it out and the fee    represents a considerable saving to all families. There is a         reduction for families with 3 or more children.

Parents of pupils from 3rd— 6th Class purchase copies and     pencils which are itemised and sent home with School Reports in June.



Annually we have fund raising drives in order that we may provide your child with the truly “all round” education we see as crucial to developing his/her potential.

These fundraisers vary from year to year, and we are always eager for new fundraising ideas.

We depend on your generosity and support to make these fund raisers a success.



An Educational Psychologist is available annually to carry out Educational Assessments on children who we believe are not making reasonable progress. Parents are consulted and permission is always sought before this is done.

This service, however, does not meet the needs of the school and annually private assessments are undertaken. In such cases Parents/Guardians are asked to contribute to the cost.



Should your child have Special Education Needs he/she may qualify for extra help with our Special Education Needs Team.

Some children for care reasons require extra support in school. We are fortunate to have five Special Needs Assistants who help support the teacher in catering for the needs of these children.



The school has the services of three fully qualified SEN Teachers.  Early identification of learning difficulties is crucial in their remediation. Parental consultation and support is a vital aspect of our learning support programme.




Apart from this booklet we have helpful handouts on things like Paired Reading , suggested reading lists, homework etc. These are available on request from the office.

School Policies in such areas as Behaviour, RSE, Anti- Bullying, Internet Use, Safety and Enrolment are revised and up-dated on an ongoing basis.

We have a great deal of policies dealing with pastoral, administrative and curricular areas , which are available to read on


We hope your child/ren’s years spent in Rathoe National School will be extremely happy and will help him/her to grow in all that is positive and good.



The safety of the children is of primary importance at all times.

Should an emergency closing be appropriate (e.g. in the event of no heat, snow etc.) the decision to close the school will be taken by the Board of Management at the earliest possible time so as to maximise notice to Parents/Guardians.


Children walking to/from school alone should always be aware of the person whom they should contact in the event that Parents/Guardians may be gone to work.

If an emergency closing arises early in the morning, before school starts, Parents/Guardians will be informed of this at the gates. We would ask therefore that you never drop your child without first

satisfying yourself that the school is open.

An up-to-date message will be put on the school answering machine to keep you informed of developments. Alternatively, all parents will be informed by our text service.




A signed written consent is necessary if a child has to leave the school during the day. We would urge you not to collect your child early, as it eats into their learning time.


Children will not be released into the care of another juvenile. Please state    clearly who will be collecting your child.

Adults collecting children early are asked to call to the office where they will be required to sign the release book. No child will be released without this. We do this solely in the interest of each child’s protection.



Boys                    Grey Trousers

Grey Polo T-Shirt

Navy Sweat Shirt

Girls                    Grey Skirt/Pinafore

Grey Polo T-Shirt

Navy Sweat Shirt

Tracksuits          Navy Top with school emblem and plain navy bottoms.


Available from Duffy’s Drapery, Tullow:  059 91 51220


Rathbawn Embroidery, Castledermot Road: 086-8313113


Shoes and runners with easy openings are absolutely essential.

To reduce competition and increase pride in their school uniform we expect children to wear their COMPLETE uniform everyday.

Track suits and runners are worn on P.E/Swimming days only. You will be informed by your child’s teacher on what days he/she has P.E.