Junior Entrepreneur Programme
Published on May 31, 2024

As you are all aware 6th Class took part in the national ‘Junior Entrepreneur Project’ run by RTÉ and Enterprise Ireland. We worked so hard over the past number of months to create a perfect product that would fill people with joy. We decided to sell a cutomised School Days calendar for Rathoe NS. We received a huge response to our product and are so thankful to everyone that supported it. Due to your generosity and support we received enough products to head to ‘Emerald Park’ on a day trip and we are so excited! Thanks to Mr. Browne and Ms. Fawcett for accompanying us on our trip and for making it all happen for us. Not only do we benefit from the sales of our product but we also decided to donate some of our profits to The Irish Cancer Society so that we can help some people in Ireland who may need it. Thanks again for your support and we really enjoyed the JEP this year! Thank you to Mr. Browne for coordinating the programme and to Rebecca Williamson for helping to design the calendar.