Budding Gardeners
Published on May 29, 2024

We entered the Woodies Budding Gardener Challenge again this year. Our gardening patch has been lovingly tended to by the children in Sona special classes since we sowed them in late March/early April. This was a collaborative project between 3 ASD classes ranging from JI to 6th Class were. Parsley and lettuce were grown from seed and were planted outdoors in our bedding patch in Sona. Rhubarb, onion and garlic bulbs were planted in pots in early April as well as Dahlias and Gladiolus for some summer colour. The children have been observing their growth daily, watering them and learning about the conditions needed for growth. 

Junior Infants also grew mint and had fun making mint tea in a lesson with Ms. Fawcett.