Science Week
Published on February 3, 2023

Science Week: Rathoe National School showcased their annual science fair on Thursday 17th November. The day began with the junior classes- Junior Infants to 2nd class coming into the older classes to view the various projects and experiments on display. Next, the senior classes were given a chance to examine each other’s projects and finally, parents were invited into the showcase where they were bursting with pride and smiles as it was clear that our students excelled in their chosen area. The day was filled with great excitement as prizes were distributed for a variety of reasons including colouring competitions, who could blow the most bubbles and who could react the quickest. Thank you to the students, staff members and parents for all the hard work put into a very successful science fair. We look forward to next year already. The future of science is bright in Rathoe National School as pupils demonstrated a love of the subject and an ability to evaluate and create innovative and exciting projects. Thank you to all of our staff for their work throughout Science Week and on Science Fair Day.